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Game project

My new personal project for Android is a game of “memory” completely revisited. In Pixel Art and 3D isometric.
There should be several game mode (time trial, challenge, etc.) and also bonuses and themes to unlock.
The game is developed in Java with 2D OpenGL Game Engine AndEngine.

Here are some animated sprites:

Early demo video:

Pixel Art Clock Widget 2.5 [update]


Pixel Art Clock Widget is a date and time widget for your Android home screen. More than 5000 differents combinations of customization.

* You can change color (46 total)
* Decorate and themes with illustrations
* 24h/12h mode
* 2 different widgets (time and date)
* Ability to define the application that will run by clicking on the widget.

Update (v2.5):
* Themes added (5 total)
* Decorations added (12 total)
* Combining themes and decorations
* Bug corrected (cut off)
* New colors (46 total)
* Improving performance

Get it on Google Play

If you appreciate the work I have put into Pixel Art Clock Widget and would to help support further development, a donate version is available: Pixel Art Clock Widget Donate.