I work in web agencies for over 12 years. I am a developer specializing in Flash development (Actionscript 3) and Android (Java).
I make Pixel Art during my free time.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

nasc [_@_] nasc . fr

My Android apps:
Make Pixel on Google Play

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  • vachet guillaume

    coucou loulou,
    est ce des travaux que tu as èffectués dernièrement?

  • Michael Cartlidge

    Hello, I am english!

    I was just wondering if i would be able to use your train on my new game i’m making?

    Thanks, reply soon.

  • Jeff

    hi,this is a great blog and drawing.I get a question.what kind of sofeware you are use for pixel image? thanks!

  • http://www.nasc.fr Nasc

    @Jeff Thank you for your comment. I use only photoshop with my brush set.

  • Allaoui


    Je souhaiterai savoir si les pixel art diffusé sont libre d'accès. Je souhaiterai intégré quelques une d'entre elle sur mon site de jeu en ligne.

    Dans l'attente d'une réponse de votre par.


  • Scorpion

    Heey, dude :D
    I really LOVE you work! Thnx to you I'm now using Photoshop for my Pixel art, I used to use the regular MS Paint… ;)
    The first art I made is this:


    Thnx to your super awesome Brushes I can do it with Photoshop 'cause I alway had trouble getting a right ISO line, so thats why. :D

    Keep up the good work, I'd love to see some more masterpieces. >0

    Later! ;D

    -Scorpion (Rudy)

  • Javi2424

    I will make a virtual community Habbo type and need homes and that, as I see you have, Could copy your pixel art houses for my virtual community? will put your copyright

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  • Woody

    Hey…great work. I especially like the latest pic with all the sheep going into the apple store and then to the slaughter. No doubt a foretelling of things to come.
    I was wondering if you would consider putting your pixeart time android app on the amazon android store? I have a kindle and due to parental locks, cannot download except from that location.

  • Jesiel Ternero

    Do you have feed for this site?

  • PP


  • Rocco Frontzek

    Salut Nasc! je cherche du conseil sur un projet graphique web. Est il possible de te contacter via tel ou skype? Je voudrais t en parler et savoir si tu veux y contribuer! Let me know! R.

  • Joao

    Dude, you are a monster pixel art .. I am very interested in learning more about pixel art I’m not sure that the colors match the season of shadows, you could do a tutorial? Thank you I’m your fan and I know it has to have a lot of patience to do it more if you exceed increasingly.

  • Windi Bank

    Salut, puis-je avoir ton adresse mail please ?

  • Massilon Lourenço

    Hi, I’m a brazilian student in computer science, I would

    sincerely thank you, if you allow me to use your car pixel art on a job of mine (academic paper), sorry for disturb you.
    Awesome work!

  • Connor Esposito

    How old are you?